First one and a half month of Patreon open

see what happened

  1. I released one character preset with 12 facial textures. It was in early access on my Patreon, half a month before release (the test version) and the final version (almost a week earlier) with additional options to try out. If you're a 9$ or 20$ patron, you may request a full version of it (or any download from this website) with no additional fee.
  2. Three new (and more coming up) textures in early access for my patrons. These will form a texturepack sometime later, but it's unclear when - so right now the only way to get them is to be a patron.
  3. Additional face textures for Demonica (never released before, Patreon only) and old preset .psd-s for those who are interested in the process.
  4. Early access to the upcoming hands textures (WIP) in 4K.
  5. Early access to ALT1 fixes.
  6. Early access to now-publshed COR textures to vanilla head adaptation.
  7. Early access to now-published ALT1: Fair Skin adaptation.
  8. Coming up: patreon-only Demonica face textures.
  9. Coming up: patreon-only body and hands textures (multiple).
  10. Tons of screenshots and videos.

All in just one month.

To sum it all up: Patreon is good for all of us. Consider signing up: