SHort article regarding the use of my presets in Skyrim SE. This title is longer than the post, but who reads those?

Thanks @druidcraft from my Discord server:
for testing.

You can use any LE sculpts (.nif files) in Skyrim SE as normal, if you optimized the mesh. You'll probably want to use the SSE Nif Optimizer by ousnius.

Presets (.jslot) should be working fine without any adaptation and sculpts after you run the optimization, but, quote:

"SSE has a lower precision for UV coordinates, so if you happen to stumble upon a mesh that makes use of coordinates way outside of the 0.0 - 1.0 range, you should probably re-center the UVs using NifSkope before optimization."

I cannot predict how specific presets will behave.

Have fun.

P.S. I don't test my textures or presets in SE for two reasons:

1) textures, ideally, should be adapted for SE specifically and when it comes to graphics, SE sucks compared to LE with good ENB. I am sorry, but SE is just really, really weird when it comes to how it renders characters.

2) SE didn't perform well on my AMD machine ever since the NVIDIA performance patch was rolled out.