Updates & Upcoming releases

- I've been away.
- ALT2 is coming and it's big.
- New teeth & eyes retexture is also coming.
- That dragon is still in progress.

And it's been awhile since the last mod release, update, or even a 'blog' update; although it's more like an update journal, more than anything else.

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So, from the upcoming stuff, I present: ALT2!

ALT1 was first made in 2017, with an aim to be completely seamless and consistently detailed: every inch to have the same amount of details as the other. On paper, it sounded good, but in practice, it didn't work as well. Although ALT1 was heavily updated multiple times, ALT2 takes the opposite approach: inconsistent details!

That's because of the difference in texture resolution in Skyrim (which is really obvious because of awful meshes).

When you have a highly detailed 4K head textures (that includes the neck) and a matching 8K body texture, it's very obvious that the resolutions of textures don't match, creating this weird neckseam that never was there - the textures ARE seamless.

But the difference in resolution causes the neck seam to pop out; the top (head textures) of the neck is very detailed, while the bottom (clavicles) is very blurred (and that's the body textures).

So, instead of making textures in a crazy ratio of 1:16 (head:body texture resolution), I've just made new blurry neck textures for head & body and carefully blended them with the rest. It turned out way better than I thought it would. And no; there is no pixels, don't worry.

Unfortunately, that means that ALT2 isn't compatible with anything ALT1 by design. I took this further (since it's already incompatible) and made further fixes and improvements. The improvements the already took place in ALT1 (better details, color fixes, nail shape corrections, etc.) are included.

A list of changes from ALT1 to ALT2 includes, but is not limited to:

  1. New neck and wrist seams, across all maps.
  2. New Sub Surface Scattering maps (with alpha channels, as it should be). See screenshots above.
  3. More detailed, yet less rough facial textures. So, a skin that is more like skin.
  4. Overall improved diffuse maps. The textures are also a bit darker now for better skin color.
  5. Renewed speculars.
  6. Better renewed head normal maps with new details.
  7. Renewed body normal maps, plus two new: one for all races and one for female orcs.
  8. New textures for elderly characters.
  9. New age textures (see screenshot above), for elves, humans and orcs (separate). Smooth age transition for your character! The screenshot doesn't show age60plus (as I called it in the game files) which utilizes textures of the ElderRace (Old People race) for your character while keeping your race's face. So, you can make an elderly-looking character. However, it doesn't affect the body as it's impossible to assign multiple body textures to one race without some fancy scripts; the game is not built for this, although the developers seemingly did intend for races to have their own texture sets. So, the body and hands will be young, unfortunately.
  10. Touched-up freckles & other maps.
  11. Renewed nord textures (optional).
  12. Renewed bosmer textures.
  13. Two new redguard face textures, as I did not like the old ones.
  14. New eyelid & eyelid shape (corrected). The eyes should look bigger now.
  15. New ear shape & ears.
  16. Many more little tweaks I can't remember..

ALT2 will also include:

  1. Skintones & Facepack (adapted, renewed, expanded).
  2. Unique racial textures (you can turn it off by not using a .esp) - thanks Novelyst for help!
  3. Dizona Body compatibility patch - made by Novelyst!
  4. Hairy & shaven variatons.
  5. Options from Skintones and Facepack (such as freckled pale body), including new ones (such as new & old face textures)
  6. Adaptations for popular skin retextures.
  7. Teeth retexture (because I want good-looking teeth in-game).

Speaking of teeth!

Now, about other modifications and textures.

The dragon (sadly) is still in progress. It's a big project, and I only have so much time, even though I do try my best. ALT2 ate all of my time.

I think it's almost about time for a first Patreon-funded texture pack to be released. Almost a full year since I've opened my Patreon page, it had helped me & my projects a great deal; however, it isn't fair nor smart keeping those 'Patreon-exclusive' textures strictly on Patreon a year or so after their release.

this pack would include lots of facial textures for vanilla & DEM heads and a separate preset pack for ALT1\ALT2.

I'm thinking of a 'cheap' (performance-wise) and consistent teeth replacer now, for orcs and humans. Khajiits and Argonians need their own stuff anyway (skin, eyes, mouth - everything), and I'm not up for the task at the moment. So, a good-looking teeth replacer for orcs & humans would be good. I'll probably release it separately AND as part of ALT2, since it's big and complex.

I did not forget about the eyes; still working on that as well. Recently (you can tell from the screenshots) I've finally decided to re-make the orc eyes (design-wise), as they do not have any consistency with their eyes in TES games. Same goes for bosmers; I will probably re-make them, too (or give them boring 'normal' eyes), in my own style.

Thank you for reading.

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