Terminology I use regarding my textures

in case you need it


; Allium Textures 1, an old (2017-2018) name for my own texture series that is highly modifiable and compatible with almost every body model in the TES5 modding community. At least the most popular ones.

Right now it is a prefix for any new textures or any public texture adaptation I make, indicating it is compatible with other such textures.


; means a "basic" version of the texture set. All standard ALT1 free archives are basic, because they don't have anything cut, downsized and are 100% playable. That's not to say that Previews are always worse; but generally "Basic" means that I released previously closed content, such as the case with ALT1.

Compatible with ALT1

; means this texture set is partially\completely compatible with other ALT1 textures. I will often specify (if needed) if the texture set shares the neckseam, or both the neckseam and the wristseams. That means you can mix and match everything (diffuse, normal and specular maps). You can read about it in more detail about it here, on my Discord server.

Tier 1\2\3\etc Commission

; Minor Tweaks is T1.

Heavy Tweaks \ Custom Build is T2.

Partially new 4K texture(s) is T3.

Completely new 4K texture set is T4.


; a "preview" of a texture set. Sure, it's not 4K (for face), but it is never severely compressed.

Usually 1K-2K resolution, but in case of ALT1 DEM, the "preview" version is actually VERY playable. So please read the description.