so, i opened a patreon (and other important updates)

& what the opening of Patreon means to you as a user

nothing. If you don't want to support me on Patreon, that means absolutely nothing. Perhaps I will post more often, but that's it.

However, if you do intend on being a patron, that means multiple things:

  1. Early access to future releases.
  2. Easier way of acquiring access to my exclusive textures, such as 8K of Demonica, as well as commissions ('Minor Tweaks' level only).
  3. Much more content than not being a patron; including "patreon funded" content that will only be released... whenever there's enough content to make a texture pack, free for all.
  4. WIPs & behind-the-scenes, that includes videos, screenshots and texture files and such,
  5. votes, including voting for very generous rewards if I reach one of my goals.

You can learn more on my Patreon:

Now to other updates.

· I added live chat. You may try it out on the bottom left and say hi to me. If I'm online or away, you will see it. However, the chat still requires your e-mail as means of authorization; if there are any updates to any textures, I will send it to you via e-mail, as always.

· New domain e-mail that I will be moving to. I originally intended to update to a domain mailbox along with making this website, but there was a few issues. Now it's finally here, and there will be no more changes on your end. This e-mail update is final. Thankfully, now it's much easier to remember now:

· A lot of updates to my Discord server.

· I updated the front page yet again. It's more clean, and now has little widgets linking to all my media, including Patreon.

· Updated the naming of a few texture packs to make it less confusing.

· Changed some links & other SEO tweaks.