October 2020 updates

moooore stuuufff

Lots of updates this time.

  1. New front page design. Now it has my Discord server member's stuff on it, too, because I wanted to make my website more fun to visit. If you want your stuff to be showcased and you're part of the community or just like my textures, I can add you in. No fee. No my textures advertising. It's just that.
  2. Форма оплаты для пользователей из стран СНГ переехала в слайд-шоу на главной странице.
  3. (hopefully) fixed page slugs
  4. New texture sets! ALT1 hands:

ALT1: Hands1 is available for download right now, and have been for quite some time. But since I didn't say anything about it previously, I added it here.

So, ALT1: Hands1 is the first from the manicure series (similar to makeups). I don't know when I do parts 2 or 3 or if there even going to be *more parts*, but these hands textures is something I enjoyed doing.

First of all, it's just high quality hands textures with custom nail shapes for almost every hand model you can possibly use. Vanilla\lowpoly UNP? Check. Highpoly UNP? Check. CBBE LE, CBBE SE? Check, check, Tender Hands - also check. The nails will look good on every model. There's a preview version for you to try out as well, and Patrons get 2K as THEIR preview with all options.

5. ALT1: Skintones. Something I also enjoyed making, even though it's been a bit exhausting:

As you can see, these include custom hands textures. And yes, these hands textures follow the "build" of ALT1; each hand model has its own, fitting nailshape so it always looks good. Unlike the manicures though, Skintones support Dream Girl.

Supported body models are CBBE, UNP, Dream Girl and standard (vanilla) Skyrim female bodies, with FemFeet or not (so it's possible to go 100% vanilla). The UNP version includes Tender Hands patch, and Vanilla includes both FemFeet and feetwraps versions, but has no pubic\bodyhair options (because you're better off without those on vanilla).

And here's the whole current (& upcoming) ALT1 lineup:

6. SG adaptation update. Slightly better hands, mostly nailshape fixes; slightly better body textures. Slightly better face specular map, the original one is still an option. Vanilla body versions (femfeet & default feet). All download links are updated.

7. ALT1: Wet now has a preview. It still only supports UNP & Dream Girl, and I am not interested in porting them over to CBBE. So far, nobody needs it. So, here's a preview. Maybe you'll like the effect and would like to see it on your own texture set.

8. Some vanilla-head presets. Those are as of now coming up on my Patreon, but the first (Daenerys) is available for everyone: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43065728

9. Facepack for DEM! The same variety of textures, using the same references, I've recreated the pretty-popular facial textures pack for Demonica. It features a preview version for you to try out.

10. tumblr is no more! Everything's moved to Discord. The earliest updates are on Patreon.

11. Discord server has been updated here and there.. nothing major.

That's it.

Thank you for reading all of this.

Big thanks to my Patrons.

Thanks everyone who downloaded anything from this website, ever.