More ALT1 updates and links.

This time the update is related to hands for vanilla and vanilla based bodies.

Since ATM I am creating new, better hands textures for vanilla and vanilla-based hand models, I figured out how to make a better looking nailbed for the hands. Now each hand model:

  1. Vanilla low poly \ High Poly UNP
  2. Tender hands
  3. CBBE hands (SE or LE version - doesn't matter)

has its own (and better) nail shape on all maps that matter. I also updating all adaptations to fit that new nail shape as well.

Links: (updated)

All archives on the website are updated.

This update doesn't concern Dream Girl, because Dream Girl, 1st of all, is not vanilla based, and 2nd of all, has it's own modeled nails that don't need any texture fixing.