Tiny update

Hello everyone!

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who supported me moving from Patreon to Boosty.to!

(as you may or may not know, Patreon.com is practically unusable for me now)

The update: I've pulled down the Complexions mod. Turns out that the Complexions (for whatever reason) don't stay on the player character after reload or showracemenu command, so until I resolve the issue it's going to stay hidden.

I know that the more resourceful of you have the link preserved, but I ask you kindly to not redistribute my hidden or deleted works. They are deleted or set to hidden for a reason.

I also slightly updated the front page.

Back to the Boosty business; I'm very grateful to all of my subscribers, and will do my best to provide you with content you want. These days it appears to be NPC mod/replacer, which I have updated multiple times already, added new assets, etc.

NPC mod, as it is a work in progress, is a mod that stays behind 'closed doors' for the most part.

So if you'd like to get your hands on the newest available version I'd advise subscribing (depending on the exchange rate it can be as little as 1 USD!) or donating one-time and negotiating monthly access that way, in case you have issues with subscribtion.

In addition to that, any new mods and textures and updates are released a week early on my Boosty page before going public; I do that to fish out the bugs or missing files, as my subscribers are typically the most active users.

This period used to be ~ 3-4 days, but I found that this isn't enough time for larger archives, and as you may know I tackle large projects sometimes.

Thank you for reading!