Hosting other authors

Hello, this is khisartin from DDS Workshop!
If you'd like a platform to host or advertise your mod that I like or is relevant to my content, you can do so. In fact, I've been doing that for some time. And yes, I do that for free.

I've been providing (some) advertising and hosting to the mod authors I know. On my front page, below the social media block/line, you can see "screenshots & other things by members of my Discord server!"

Every image from that gallery is subtitled in a way the author desires. For example, a certain someone only wanted to have a hashtag under their image from their Flickr gallery:

While others showed off their cool mods :)

When posting the content itself from other authors, I give them an accent color of their choice. That way, it's easy to understand that any mod page that is not accented with DDS Workshop's blue-green is by another author:

I also link to their profile, Discord server, Patreon page, etc - whatever they want to represent them, and a hosting service of their choice for their file. The latter can be their own MEGA link, or a mod page from NexusMods, in which case Nexus hosts the mod:

If the author struggles with space, I offer the host the mod as well. For example, at the moment I have 50 GB of free space over at MEGA.

As you can tell, most of the content is somehow relevant to my own works; they either work in tandem with my textures, use some parts of my textures, or just thematically are very similar to what I do and I like the works, or maybe I just *really like it*.

I am as much a follower of those people as anyone else. So every time they release something, I jump because I *want* to host them :)

Who wouldn't? "Hey mom, they said yes to come over at our house!"


As there has been some confusion over in the NexusMods land, I would like to clarify the situation for the confused; I left NexusMods in August of last year due to their politics' change, so no, I never "returned" to NexusMods. I also never posted anything there other than Dizona Body and DB related textures.

I ask everyone to differentiate between different authors and not bother the people *who are not me* if you want something *from me*, and vice versa. It can lead to unpleasant rumors.

I like to own what I made - and if any of the authors would like me to pull down their works from my website for any reason whatsoever, I will do so at their command in a heartbeat. I don't expect anything less from a big company like NexusMods; hence I left.

I no longer prohibit the use of my assets to mod authors posting at NexusMods, however, which is why you might see mentions of me or this website.

And also, my actual nexusmods profile is linked on the front page!


DDS Workshop / khisartin.