Hello everybody, I'm back.

Русскоязычным пользователям рекомендую прокрутить вниз.

Hello everybody.

I wasn't updating my website for quite a while now.

My mailbox also wasn't available for technical reasons.

I was mostly active on my Patreon.com/DDSWorkshop page and on my Discord server: https://discord.gg/dcVbwqQ

Now that I am back, I'm bringing some changes (and updates).

First and foremost, I drop all and any support for the Special\Anniversary Edition of Skyrim. I didn't really provide much support to begin with, but now if you ask me to troubleshoot I'll ignore you. It's too much with the constant updates, mods I'm not familiar with (and can't test) and no real improvements on the game part (it's not like Special Edition was necessary).

Second of all, I've updated my Patreon page to show new (and old) projects and releases. They are all linked. Some are available for download to everyone, some are just for patrons:


Third, I will no longer accept one-time donations unless you can use Yoo.Money! Otherwise it's inconvenient and cumbersome; I have too many requests, and creating PayPal invoice forms is very sluggish. Perhaps if it was easy, I'd accept those.

Please use Patreon for requests; it's going to be cheaper for you as well.

Так что если вы русскоязычный пользователь и Вы можете взаимодействовать со Сбербанком (Ю.Money теперь принадлежит компании Сбер, раньше это были Яндекс.Деньги), то для вас почти ничего не изменилось.

К слову, "цены" упали ;) Смотрите новые в описании к каждому моду.

Fourth, I'm migrating all of my mods (that I care about) to MEGA.nz

That's all for the changes. Thank you for reading!

Check out new files in the 'Download' section.