Happy new year!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you'll stay around for a while longer.

This year has been tough for all of us. Here's what happened this year speaking strictly from modding perspective!

As of later news, I've become a member of Skyros project & my work has been showcased in this video:

Obviously, I've opened a Patreon and that helped me resolve a lot of issues. Starting with the issue that I almost never finish my projects properly when and while I can, as I just had to real stimuli to do so. Patreon solved that issue, as well as granted me the superpower of MONEY aside from occasional 5-10$ flying my way once in half a year.

That superpower, as of today, earned me:

- a new SSD and an external hard drive,

- a new drawing tablet to make my life way, way-way-way easier,

- and a data recovery (thanks to Frannie in particular)

Because that happened, too. Unfortunately, I wasn't preaching about hard drive failure in order to make my Patreon seem necessary. My hard drive actually failed, and because of that, I hadn't done anything modding or texture related for almost a month.

Thankfully, the data recovery service has been good.. the second time around. Because the first time around, the first data saving center I've contacted restored around 70% of my data and demanded I'll pay around 250$, in addition to me already paying them $ for just a scan. So instead, I took my drive to a different, smaller center, and in quicker time they restored... more than 100% of my data. They even restored some program files that were on that drive 2-3 years ago. A few bits and pieces are still lost, but mostly just reference pictures.

Thank you, Frannie!

You've been seeing the pictures of those scales for some time now. That's because I've decided to resurrect my 2019 dragon project (if you've been following me in tumblr you would've seen it).

The model is beyond horrible & not going to lie about it. I have no time no 'learn 3D' so I do what I want and what I can. I asked for help since 2019, and nobody volunteered to help.

Aside from all of that..

In this year, I've released 14 mods, half of which are big texture packs.

If you read this whole thing, thank you! You deserve a discount (if you're into that!). If you contact me in January 2021 and add a comment saying:


I'll give you 25% off anything you see in the download section.

This will only work from Dec 31 to Jan 31.

Happy New Year!

P.S. Для пользователей стран СНГ: я Вас услышала, я вернула кнопки (которые с авт. переходом на скачивание были на блоге). Не клюйте меня!