PayPal, Patreon, Payoneer, CashApp, Stripe, Ko-Fi, BuyMeACoffee, Wise, Visa & MasterCard and other services no longer work for me.

(Please read)

Because I'm from Russia! And what I'm going to do about it.

Kindly read through it.

The whole list of services I *certainly* cannot use, that I personally tested, or contacted support of, looks like this:

All of those services, as well as services like european or US banks, Western Union or any other service that allows for a direct transfer from one bank card/account to another bank card/account, have stopped working in Russia.

I was not notified of the upcoming change by PayPal, and I only found out that I couldn't do anything with my account except withdrawing to my bank (more on that later) when I attempted to pay in an online store.

So now, even if I tried, I couldn't return the money to people who have already paid for March 2022. I can't perform any transactional activity from my PayPal (receiving, sending, returning, refunding, etc - NOTHING), or my bank account (my VISA/MasterCard-s are not working outside Russia), or any other means. I sincerely apologise.

If you are one of those people: I will post things on my Discord channel (#patreon-chat) for the entirety of March 2022 with all of the downloads I will post in March. I do not advise re-subscribing to my Patreon.

If you paid for an entire year, kindly contact me over at Discord (khisartin#2210) or via e-mail:

I will arrange a special "delivery" of content for you, preferably over at my Discord server (or via e-mail if you wish).


In addition, PayPal decided that they will take all of my money if I don't withdraw *everything* from my PP account until March 18, 2022:

(Google translated)

"Due to recent events, we have decided to suspend our services for sending and receiving payments in Russia. We are currently maintaining the withdrawal feature. To minimize possible further service disruptions, we kindly ask that you withdraw the balance from your account by March 18, 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. If you need to add a bank account for withdrawals, please follow the instructions in the PayPal Help Center."

at least they notified me this time!


So as a retaliation, I decided not to give up completely, but instead offer everyone a better deal.

The income I had from Patreon/PayPal was and is crucial to me, just like it was and is for many freelancers, artists, etc. I can't give up on it.

I decided to migrate to for the time being.

It seems to be working internationally, works with PayPal if you're outside Russia, and I lowered the "entry" level rank with all the benefits down to just 1 USD.

You can support me for as much as you'd like, even 50 USD; the rewards are going to be the same regardless of how much you pledge (1-55 USD):

  1. early access (that was and is still the main reward)
  2. 1 simple commission a month you can request, under condition that I release the result to my page (previously that was reserved for 20$ ranks on Patreon)
  3. *some* exclusive downloads, like Work-In-Progress snippets, etc.
  4. polls, in which you can vote on what I should do next or what to prioritize

You can also choose a support rank below 1 USD, if your paying system supports transfers this small, but it's going to be just that - support only. I expect it to be fairly unpopular due to the fact that the minimum amount of money transferred nowadays is *at least* a 100 RUB.

In addition to that, every post I have on Boosty is going to be available for unlocking (one-time "payment") for a moderate (0.1 - 10 USD) price, so you don't have to be a subscriber to get something from "downloads" on the page.

The only downside is that the main currency of the resource is RUB (roubles). You would need to convert your local currency to RUB.

Here's a tutorial on how to subscribe (or pay once for a post), made by banzai.puppy:

That's all for now. Thank you very much for reading.

I would like to remind my existing Patreon subscribers (whether you paid for March or for an entire year) to contact me in Discord (khisartin#2210) or via e-mail at

In the meantime, I will be migrating my download links to Yandex.Disk*, and I will update every post and mention of Patreon to be instead directed at my Boosty page. I will also create my own tutorial on how-to donate or "purchase" something via Boosty.

It is not the end of the world, and it's all for the better.

*as it is the cheapest, available service for me - remember, I can't pay with my cards outside of Russia, so I can't buy or subscribe to anything outside of Russia, too.

Yours, DDS Workshop.