Dracarys [Updates]

Released a new texture set + preset for Demonica: Daenerys. You can get her preset + textures in the 'Download' section!

As you can tell, she has a variety of face textures (11 in total). All screenshots use the same face, so all the difference in character come from textures (as well as lightning, emotions and hairstyles). These three turned out to be my favorites:

They represent each of Daenerys' dragons in color: Drogon (black & red), Rhaegal (green & bronze) and Viserion (gold & white), as they were described in the books.

I also added a custom texture (not based on anything) of "Dragon Queen" that combines a slightly aged\tired Daenerys' season 8 texture with light, fresh makeup:

Since I hadn't received a single donation with "Donate" page, it's now a commission page. YOu can commission some texture work from me, with more or less clear pricing.

Here's why I say "more or less" clear. The pricing is:

1. "Average"

2. Is based around a big (-ish) amounts of work for which you'd probably prefer somebody more or less skilled (or somebody who has the time) to do, as shown in the examples 'do x, y, z and pls add a red ribbon with black dots on top'!

The pricing for the last two tiers ("partially new" textures and "completely new textures") are based on the notion that you'd order, well, a completely new texture set or at least one texture in 4K resolution, hence the minimum price is around 28-32$. If you need new 2K hands, I would charge less. Double the resolution means double the work, because "physically" the canvas is also twice as big for me to work with.

Here's the pricing:

Other updates:

- Less junk on some pages,

- some updates in the gallery,

- more stuff coming, of course, including more high quality GOT characters & other stuff.