Books and paper retexture - Progress screenshots

These are screenshots I've found saved on my hard drive, showing some progress when I was making 'Books and Paper' retexture for Skyrim. They're few of them left, but I thought I'd share.

The Wolf Queen:

Some necromancer's diary (?), don't remember if it's even used in the game:

Mythic Dawn Commentaries; here I was trying out different normalmaps to highlight the Mythic Dawn symbol, as it supposed to be "stamped" on a book cover.

Generic book from PS to Nifskope, with the proper normalmap added at the last three:

The Book of the Dragonborn, without (1st screenshot) and with (3 following screenshots) a normalmap & reflections:

Boethiah's Proving, before and after. Sadly, I've found no process screenshots.

That's it!